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Gut Flora – Your New Best Friend

As 2013 gets into full swing it’s often hard to keep up those New Years’ resolutions and New Year determination.  With detoxing and the 5:2 diet on every bodies lips at the moment,...Read more


The Benefits of Massage

It has been well documented that the British and Western society as a whole is following in the footsteps of our Eastern Asian neighbours in pursuit of a more constantly engaged way of...Read more

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Treatment of the Week: Rose Indulgence

Rose has a reputation for soothing emotions and cultivating feelings of well-being. As such, it is commonly used as an aromatherapy for anxiety and depression. Our Rose Indulgence experience is designed to target...Read more

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Treatment of the Week: Holistic Therapy

Natural therapies and massages are the best option when you need a bit of balance after a stressful event or even bereavement. Our Holistic Therapy is a natural treatment that involves a slow...Read more

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Treatment of the Week: Revitalising Facial

While the weather refuses to turn into summer we need a little pick-me-up.                                   This 40 minute express facial is an ideal introduction to the process of good skin care. It includes a...Read more

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Treat your body and mind: The benefits of massage

  Whether it’s your posture-ruining desk chair, stress or just feeling run down, a massage is just what you need. Massages are not just relaxing, they bring many benefits to your health and mind that you may not know...Read more