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Ultimate Grayshott

Ultimate Grayshott has been designed for those who would like to stay and experience the very best of Grayshott in this, our celebratory 50th year. It represents the very best of Grayshott: the...Read more

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Gut Flora – Your New Best Friend

As 2013 gets into full swing it’s often hard to keep up those New Years’ resolutions and New Year determination.  With detoxing and the 5:2 diet on every bodies lips at the moment,...Read more


The Benefits of Massage

It has been well documented that the British and Western society as a whole is following in the footsteps of our Eastern Asian neighbours in pursuit of a more constantly engaged way of...Read more

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Treatment of the Week: Rose Indulgence

Rose has a reputation for soothing emotions and cultivating feelings of well-being. As such, it is commonly used as an aromatherapy for anxiety and depression. Our Rose Indulgence experience is designed to target...Read more

Lady Getting Massage

Treatment of the Week: Holistic Therapy

Natural therapies and massages are the best option when you need a bit of balance after a stressful event or even bereavement. Our Holistic Therapy is a natural treatment that involves a slow...Read more

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Treatment of the Week: Revitalising Facial

While the weather refuses to turn into summer we need a little pick-me-up.                                   This 40 minute express facial is an ideal introduction to the process of good skin care. It includes a...Read more