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Elaine Williams

Meet the Team – Elaine Williams

Whether you come to Grayshott Spa to address a particular health problem, de-stress, get fit or simply “get away from it all” One thing you can be sure of is that Grayshott Spa...Read more

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Healthy Eating Tips

Everybody is looking for a “quick fix” and to satisfy this need we always see the usual onslaught of fad diets promising miracles, especially at this time of year.  We are sorry to say...Read more

Natural Therapies at Grayshott Spa

Ten things you didn’t know about Grayshott Spa

Grayshott has been a health spa for over 40 years Grayshott Spa’s motto is: ‘Pax Intrantibus’, ‘Salus Exeuntibus’ (Peace on Arrival, Health on Departure) Grayshott Spa is only 1 hour from central London,...Read more


Guardian recommends Grayshott Spa as the break to take with your mum

The Guardian’s Anna Chester heads to Grayshott Spa to spend some quality time wtih her mum. To read the full article click here....Read more

Grayshott Spa

Conde Nast Traveller recommends Grayshott Spa

“Focusing on the complete wellbeing of clients, the spa provides healthy food and promotes overall good health to clients on both day visits and spa breaks”.  Conde Nast Traveller recently recommended Grayshott as...Read more