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Summer Specials from Grayshott

As August arrives and summer holiday suitcases are packed, those who are staying in the UK need not miss out on a mid summer treat. The Surrey countryside is the ideal place to... Read more

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The Truth About Sugar

Everywhere we turn we seem to read an article telling us about the terrible effects that sugar has on our appearance and health. Claims state that sugar harms our metabolism and can actually... Read more


Post Cancer Treatment Programme launches at Grayshott

This month sees the launch of the new Nurture & Support programme, a specialised 4-day programme for those post-cancer treatment, at Grayshott Spa. Devised by Elaine Williams, Director of Natural Therapies here at Grayshott, the programme is... Read more

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Natural summer beauty therapies to try at home

It’s that time of year again – the time to bring out the summer sandals and unveil those lovely legs. If, like most women, your legs and feet haven’t seen the light of... Read more

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The Importance of Supplements

Step inside your local health food store and you will be greeted with aisles and aisles of tablets, capsules, powders and potions, each claiming to help you look younger or feel better. The... Read more

Beauty Bible - Wellbeing Tips from Grayshott Spa

Wellbeing tips from Grayshott Spa featured on Beauty Bible

“Now celebrating its 50th birthday, Grayshott is one of those ‘home-from-home’ spas that its devoted fans return to again and again.” Click here to read the full feature.  ... Read more